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Sindel seems to like surprising me at every turn, so she created the character blogs for Queen Sindel and Pikachu.

Well... I guess its just revenge for my secret project... That you're not supposed to know about yet. Either way, I'm jumped on said bandwagon and started King Cena's Blog, the official Blog of the King of NintendoLand.

Anyway, over the weekend, it seems that our very own Sindel officially became a "writer." How, you ask? By being the subject ot criticism from a blogger about one of her stories!

...I know, I questioned her sanity when she told me, too. :-P

Anyway, it seems a LiveJournal user by the name of Chaostheory first mentioned Sindy in a rant about the decline of "intelligent" fanficton in certain fandoms. While I do agree with a lot of what he says (such as the inverse proportion between blandness of fanfics and target age of its fandom), I do disagree on the point that a majority of fanfics are as such. Sure, there are a lot of stupid fics out there, but the best you can do is just accept that there are bland fanfics out there. I also disagree on subject matter. Fanfiction represents freedom to take a franchise to areas the original creator didn't think of or did not want to. Sindel's fic Drinks, while certainly interesting, is definately not the worst Fic in the world. She's allowed to write what she wants. On the other end of the spectrum, the guy has all the right in the world to not like the fic. More power to you, buddy - just don't be like Sindel's Pikachu and be an ass about it.

At any rate, I should go ahead and inform you that Season 1 of NintendoLand will become available within the next month - the episodes will need to go through an editing process so that we can have everything in line with future seasons; after all, we do have about 8 seasons worth of stuff already, with Season 9 in production as we speak. No plot holes must exist...though Season 7 will have a few. We'll address them in an F.A.Q. on the b-

...ok, almost spoiled the surprise. Musn't do that. ;D

Anyhoo, my last bit for today is a new character - the lovely Mia!

Key: AOS1 - As of Season 1
Full Name: Mariah "Mia" Hansen
Born: June 9th, 1984, New City (Age AOS1 - 22-23)
Died: (AOS1) n/a
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Refuses to Reveal
Hair: Long, Turquoise, high ponytail with a white ribbon
Eyes: Bright Blue
Build: Lithe/Busty
Special Abilities: Mercury Adept (control over water and ice)
Occupation: Duchess of NintendoLand, former American Professional Wrestling Valet (WWE SmackDown!)
Likes: Playing the Universal Fighting System Collectable Card Game, Brawl, Pocky (she's obsessed), Azumanga Daioh
Dislikes: Evil in general, fanboys
Relationships (AOS1):
  • Alexander Cena II, Boyfriend
  • Katarina Sindel - Friend
  • Morgan Webb - Friend
  • Pikachu - Friend

Random Tidbits

  • Though she's with Cena now, she's bi, known to practically no one.
  • Mia was Cena's valet during his tenure in WWE. She left the WWE as a result of the real-life drama between WWE Superstars Edge and Matt Hardy.
  • Mia is a big fan of Miss Yukari from Azumanga Daioh, having a huge poster of her in her room.
  • Mia was the president of the Student Council in high school.
  • Mia dated another Adept, Isaac Sanders, in high school. They had a very messy break up, and have not spoken to each other since, except for insulting comments made at each other in the hallway. This breakup was the catalyst for all the drama in that happend at the senior prom.
  • Cena currently holds an Master's Degree in Law from NintendoLand University.
  • She mains Marth in Melee, something Cena doesn't get.
  • She is extremely proficient at healing.
No more characters for now. Season 1 begins soon!

Waiting for E3 '08 for that Big Nintendo Reveal (Hands crossed for Golden Sun 3!),

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