Welcome...wait, where am I?

You, good sir/madam, are now in the presence of history.

This blog is designed to bring to you, the public, NintendoLand.

Now, you may be thinking "That's all fine and dandy, but what the **** is NintendoLand, anyway?"

NintendoLand was started in 2007 by myself and my partner-in-crime, Sindel. Together, using the amazing power of Yahoo Instant Messenger, we have crafted 6 seasons (with 2 more in pre-production) of a megacrossover. Though they have been mostly dialogue (with some stage direction), we have always planned to bring this gift to the masses.

Now, when we say megacrossover, we MEAN that. Although the 2 main characters, Sindel and Cena, are original characters, there are tons of characters from primaraly Nintendo-based universes, with others as well, with examples including...
  • The Harry Potter universe
  • real-life television personalities from G4tv (including a ninja Kevin Pereira and a lesbian Morgan Webb
  • DC comics (Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson, the Teen Titans)
  • Marvel (X-Men)
  • others soon to come

Most of the storylines are original, but some are retellings of classic stories from other franchises (like the story of Jean Grey/Phoenix, only it's someone else now...)

We are very happy to be sharing this grand story with the world, and hope to have a fanbase soon! Keep checking back for more information regarding this grand endeavor!

As always, most sincerely yours,



NightmareKnight Igor said...

NMK here. Why am I not listed as a character!?! Poo.

I <3 Nintendoland.

Peace out, no grapes, free Tibet, etc.

NintendoLand Productions said...

Your question has been answered in my latest update, NMK. Thanks for the love and for remembering I have a hatred of grapes.