Relation and Rule of Thumb...

First thing I possibly need to clarify--especially for my own control scheme of characters:

1. Many, many, many of the characters in NintendoLand are often in a chain relationship with others. For instance:

Ash from Pokemon is the younger brother of Pokemon Master Red, who is rival to Gary, younger brother of Pokemon Master Blue, who used to date Sindel in college. (This will eventually appear in an episode....)

Pikachu's best friends are Kirby and Yoshi. Kirby's master is Meta Knight and occasionally appears with Yoshi in political debates in the Senate and they both know Zelda, from LoZ, who used to date Cena back in High School.

See what I mean? There are many chain relationships that are actually quite interesting and clever.

2. Don't expect characters to be exactly as they are in the games. In fact, most of the time, they aren't. Pikachu is a drunk, swear-slurring prick. Kirby is a womanizer and self-proclaimed Romeo. Yoshi is a calm politician. Those are just examples.

3. Cena and I will have the final say on any character that acts a certain way. If there's a problem, we'll probably defend the character. Just saying.

Rule of Thumb:

1. Everything will be in the scripted format.
2. Everyone will have actions within their lines when called for. Such as:

Pikachu: Well, I say we get drunk 'cause I'm out of ideas. *pours a drink*

3. Everything will be written in proper grammar...however, there are some mistakes, as we are human...we'll try to fix them quickly.
4. Nothing NC-17. Sorry, perverts.

Alright, any questions?


Good. I'll try to start off as soon as I can.


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