Yes, that is me, Queen Sindel!

My co-founder Cena decided to create the blog and naturally, I'm the last one to know. Just kidding, Cena; ya know I love you.

Anyway, to clear some things up, Cena and I control a series of characters that is almost evenly divided between us (mainly, whoever first brings that character in controls them, but Meta Knight will be the only exception to that). For sake of my sanity, I will only do the characters that appear regularly:

Cena controls:

Cena (his OC)
Adam Sessler
Isaac Sanders

Sindel (myself) controls:

Sindel (my OC)
Morgan Webb

As I stated before, the characters that we control are usually brought in by ourselves originally. However, in an interesting twist, Alexis was orignally concieved by Cena during Season 2 but I christened her 'Alexis' (a feminine version of 'Alex', the villian of the season). Another will be that Meta Knight was orignally shown in Season 4 which I gave him the one line, but he will be controlled by Cena in Season 8.

All characters for any season are up in the air. However, we do not randomly bring in characters. The characters selection always has to be in tune with the storyline, mainly because it's difficult for the other person to write around a randomly written character. For instance, if Cena and I were writing a episode out and I would randomly bring in...oh, let's say...Zim, from Invader Zim (THIS LINE HAS BEEN HAXXED) into a plotline about Alexis and Isaac's relationship, Cena would probably try and kill me. He would probably try and kill me anyway because he hates Zim, but that's not the point. Point is, we silently and mutually agreed that all characters, even cameos, must have something to do with the plotline currently.

Now then, Cena has mentioned that Season 7 is still delayed. This is true, but I actually have Season 8 all planned out. We also have ideas for future seasons.

Now, you're probably going, "WTF? Why are you calling them seasons?" Like a TV show, seasons have many stories that are trapped in their own little bubble. It's a lot easier to call them chapters, in my opinion. Perhaps the best way is that episodes are written in the script format and it could very well project into a show.

I'll probably wait for Cena to give his share of explainations and for now...adieu.

(and yes, I hate wrestling).

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