On the subject of future updates...

Now that we've announced many of the characters in NintendoLand, I've felt a need to clarify on future updates.

There will be several update types...

Character - These posts will introduce new characters and give a mini-backstory on them. There should be a plethora of these in future updates.

Industry News - When something big or note-worthy happens in our favorite industry (the one that makes those games), myself or Sindel will start ranting about it, and you'll be reading it. Deal with it; we need a place to vent.

News - When an update to the site or a big anouncement is needed, we'll bust out these posts.

Episodes - We'll be dishing out episodes in an as-of-yet undisclosed format/schedule in the near future.

Random - For all other types of posts, that have no real relevance.

Thanks to all who have started reading! Enjoy!
(On the subject of NMK's previous comment, this is a different canon of the NintendoLand universe. It was created and started by myself and Sindel in early-mid 2007. You understand, I'm sure.)

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