Sindel and Pikachu....

So, Cena can't understand that it's rude to post double in a row....also, the need to clarify is important...

Eh, whatev. He makes good sammiches. ^^

Anyway, because I wanna claim being first (I'm petty) at writing the mini-backstory for the two main characters I write for: Sindel and Pikachu.

Age: 22 (in continity)
Born: July 9
Height: 5'6
Weight: Refuses to answer (mostly to keep her dieting secret to remain thin of eating everything in sight away from the public)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel (with glasses)
Pikachu--Father Figure
Kirby--Uncle Figure
Yoshi--Uncle Figure
Past References:
--Sindel once dated Blue, the soon-to-be Pokemon Master but broke up.
--Pikachu picked up Sindel when he found her on the streets when she was the tender age of 11
--Kirby and Yoshi are her adopted uncles
--Sindel and Pikachu met Cena/Mia at a party
--Sindel and Pikachu operated a theatre which they had both acted in but soon abandoned after Sindel was crowned queen.
--Pikachu gave Sindel the giant hammer himself (which he later admits he somewhat regrets)
--Has a small arrest record (as public fighting with Pikachu)
--Went to school at Jackson High School and was good friends with Alex Rovias, Claire Redfield, Ness and almost idolized the 1 year-older, Chun Li Xiang.
--Aspires to become a great writer
**Note: Because Sindel's history appears frequently throughout the RP, I won't actually write it until me and Cena have agreed on how much we're releasing***
Age: 26 (age in continity--based on human years)
Born: March 19
Height: 2'8
Weight: Fluctuates too much to even care anymore
Fur: Yellow/Black
Eyes: Amber/Brown (depends on the light)
Sindel--Adopted Daughter
Yoshi: Best Friend
Kirby: Best Friend
Past References:
--Has had one girlfriend
--Sindel was the girl he found on the streets when he was 15
--Owns the theatre and has a degree in both Theatre/Buisness but never uses it
--It's hard to pinpoint when his alcoholism started but he reasons that he probably started around the age of 13.
--Has an arrest record (mostly for public drunkness and publicly fighting with Sindel)
--His name is simply 'Pikachu' as he was a warrior lineage of his tribe where the warrior Pokemon take on the name of the species, thusly, no brothers or sisters.
--His former master was Ash Ketchum
--Pikachu is nicknamed the 'Kanto Champion' as he defeated the Top Elite Four.
--For some special bond reason, Sindel and Pikachu fight (rather violently as well) but they never do it out of hate. It seems almost normal to them. In fact, they always snap out of it and act like it never happens.
--Their very first performance onstage was Aida.
--When they play Smash together, Pikachu's character is either Captain Falcon (Melee) or Ike(Brawl) (as he prefers not to play as himself, giving an unfair advantage) and Sindel's is always either Pikachu (Melee) or Meta Knight (Brawl)
--Pikachu is highly overprotective of Sindel in some cases as he views himself as a father rather than just a friend.
--Pikachu has been known to anger Sindel with his constant ability to hide beer in the most creative places.
--They both love Star Wars and Invader Zim, solid viewers, as well as Batman comics/shows, etc.
--For some reason, Sindel won't eat cabbage and Pikachu refuses to eat watermelons.
For now, that will be all. Enjoy.
P.S: However, it will be up for editing...but I better know about it first.

More Explinations

So, Sindel seems to have a habit of deciding to post after I do no matter what that post pertains to.

...meh, I don't care, as long as she gets the job done. :-P

Anyhoo, Sindel mentioned in her last post that the story will be given in Script format. That will be the case...for now. We plan on turning them into actual fiction rather than it being a script, but we have 7 seasons worth of stuff to convert. It's gonna take a while. So we'll be releasing episodes in Script format for a time.

And I'm also proud to announce that my next post here will be the first character profile for my character, Alex Cena.
You should totally go by Super Smash Bros. Brawl,


Relation and Rule of Thumb...

First thing I possibly need to clarify--especially for my own control scheme of characters:

1. Many, many, many of the characters in NintendoLand are often in a chain relationship with others. For instance:

Ash from Pokemon is the younger brother of Pokemon Master Red, who is rival to Gary, younger brother of Pokemon Master Blue, who used to date Sindel in college. (This will eventually appear in an episode....)

Pikachu's best friends are Kirby and Yoshi. Kirby's master is Meta Knight and occasionally appears with Yoshi in political debates in the Senate and they both know Zelda, from LoZ, who used to date Cena back in High School.

See what I mean? There are many chain relationships that are actually quite interesting and clever.

2. Don't expect characters to be exactly as they are in the games. In fact, most of the time, they aren't. Pikachu is a drunk, swear-slurring prick. Kirby is a womanizer and self-proclaimed Romeo. Yoshi is a calm politician. Those are just examples.

3. Cena and I will have the final say on any character that acts a certain way. If there's a problem, we'll probably defend the character. Just saying.

Rule of Thumb:

1. Everything will be in the scripted format.
2. Everyone will have actions within their lines when called for. Such as:

Pikachu: Well, I say we get drunk 'cause I'm out of ideas. *pours a drink*

3. Everything will be written in proper grammar...however, there are some mistakes, as we are human...we'll try to fix them quickly.
4. Nothing NC-17. Sorry, perverts.

Alright, any questions?


Good. I'll try to start off as soon as I can.


On the subject of future updates...

Now that we've announced many of the characters in NintendoLand, I've felt a need to clarify on future updates.

There will be several update types...

Character - These posts will introduce new characters and give a mini-backstory on them. There should be a plethora of these in future updates.

Industry News - When something big or note-worthy happens in our favorite industry (the one that makes those games), myself or Sindel will start ranting about it, and you'll be reading it. Deal with it; we need a place to vent.

News - When an update to the site or a big anouncement is needed, we'll bust out these posts.

Episodes - We'll be dishing out episodes in an as-of-yet undisclosed format/schedule in the near future.

Random - For all other types of posts, that have no real relevance.

Thanks to all who have started reading! Enjoy!
(On the subject of NMK's previous comment, this is a different canon of the NintendoLand universe. It was created and started by myself and Sindel in early-mid 2007. You understand, I'm sure.)



Yes, that is me, Queen Sindel!

My co-founder Cena decided to create the blog and naturally, I'm the last one to know. Just kidding, Cena; ya know I love you.

Anyway, to clear some things up, Cena and I control a series of characters that is almost evenly divided between us (mainly, whoever first brings that character in controls them, but Meta Knight will be the only exception to that). For sake of my sanity, I will only do the characters that appear regularly:

Cena controls:

Cena (his OC)
Adam Sessler
Isaac Sanders

Sindel (myself) controls:

Sindel (my OC)
Morgan Webb

As I stated before, the characters that we control are usually brought in by ourselves originally. However, in an interesting twist, Alexis was orignally concieved by Cena during Season 2 but I christened her 'Alexis' (a feminine version of 'Alex', the villian of the season). Another will be that Meta Knight was orignally shown in Season 4 which I gave him the one line, but he will be controlled by Cena in Season 8.

All characters for any season are up in the air. However, we do not randomly bring in characters. The characters selection always has to be in tune with the storyline, mainly because it's difficult for the other person to write around a randomly written character. For instance, if Cena and I were writing a episode out and I would randomly bring in...oh, let's say...Zim, from Invader Zim (THIS LINE HAS BEEN HAXXED) into a plotline about Alexis and Isaac's relationship, Cena would probably try and kill me. He would probably try and kill me anyway because he hates Zim, but that's not the point. Point is, we silently and mutually agreed that all characters, even cameos, must have something to do with the plotline currently.

Now then, Cena has mentioned that Season 7 is still delayed. This is true, but I actually have Season 8 all planned out. We also have ideas for future seasons.

Now, you're probably going, "WTF? Why are you calling them seasons?" Like a TV show, seasons have many stories that are trapped in their own little bubble. It's a lot easier to call them chapters, in my opinion. Perhaps the best way is that episodes are written in the script format and it could very well project into a show.

I'll probably wait for Cena to give his share of explainations and for now...adieu.

(and yes, I hate wrestling).

Welcome...wait, where am I?

You, good sir/madam, are now in the presence of history.

This blog is designed to bring to you, the public, NintendoLand.

Now, you may be thinking "That's all fine and dandy, but what the **** is NintendoLand, anyway?"

NintendoLand was started in 2007 by myself and my partner-in-crime, Sindel. Together, using the amazing power of Yahoo Instant Messenger, we have crafted 6 seasons (with 2 more in pre-production) of a megacrossover. Though they have been mostly dialogue (with some stage direction), we have always planned to bring this gift to the masses.

Now, when we say megacrossover, we MEAN that. Although the 2 main characters, Sindel and Cena, are original characters, there are tons of characters from primaraly Nintendo-based universes, with others as well, with examples including...
  • The Harry Potter universe
  • real-life television personalities from G4tv (including a ninja Kevin Pereira and a lesbian Morgan Webb
  • DC comics (Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson, the Teen Titans)
  • Marvel (X-Men)
  • others soon to come

Most of the storylines are original, but some are retellings of classic stories from other franchises (like the story of Jean Grey/Phoenix, only it's someone else now...)

We are very happy to be sharing this grand story with the world, and hope to have a fanbase soon! Keep checking back for more information regarding this grand endeavor!

As always, most sincerely yours,