EA Blows - An Excerpt from L-Canceled

(Excerpt from L-Canceled: Cena's Blog)

...I just want to address a growing trend in gaming - buying out the competition. Of course, everyone knows that Electronic Arts, the biggest fat-ass in the industry, is trying ever so hard to eat up Take-Two Interactive. (You'll notice a little rant on the side.)

Of course, everyone knows the reason why EA is doing this. They're scared. It's rather cute, if you think about it. They have nothing (except a few small franchises), so they gobble up the rest of the universe. This is the same company that ate Bioware/Pandemic after KotOR pwned everyone's Xbox back in the day... (ok, maybe that's not the real reason, but it helps.)

If EA succeeds, they'll gain Rockstar, which, as not many people know, developed a little-known gem called Grand Theft Auto IV, alongside Bully and other good franchises. Essentially, they'll take over the world. And if this trend continues, who's to say that companies like EA won't rule the world? I wouldn't be surprised if that. People know that the free market thrives on competitions, but if this trend continues, there may not be any competition left soon.

As if the economy can take another beating.

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