Regarding Season 1...

Upon careful deliberation between myself and Sindel (after reading the AWFUL original script), we have decided to condense the small portion of Season 1 that is actually relevant to the rest of the series into a 3-part fiction writing. Sindel will be re-writing what was originally episode 7 of Season 1, "Broken Mirrors" and I will be taking the last 2 episodes, "Prom Night" and "When Angels Deserve to Die".

The reason we're doing this is because much of the first season had nothing in common with the themes and style that the rest of the series has. Much of it was directed towards silliness and comedy, while the rest is mostly dramatic with some light humor fit in.

Regardless, Season 1 has to be postponed for now, but keep checking back for more info on the season as we come along.

Go Team Sea Slug,

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