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Since Cena hasn't even posted anything for a while, I feel like posting more stuff.


Age: 26 (in continuity)
Height: 3'4

Skin Color: Green

Eye Color: Blue

Type: Yoshi Dinosaur

Birthday: January 14


Violet--wife (deceased)
Pikachu--Best Friend
Kirby--Best Friend
Sindel--Adopted Niece

--Yoshi was once the Ambassador to his people, the Yoshis of Yoshi Island.

--He's very political and made his career in politics.

--His political enemy is Boshi.

--Yoshi has the unusual ability to stay completely calm in any situation or time and apparently, has never gotten angry a day in his life.

--Unlike his two best friends, Pikachu and Kirby, Yoshi is always optimistic.

--Yoshi is sick with a disease that nobody knows about.

--He used to be married to the love of his life, Violet, who died a year afterwards from an advanced form of cancer.

--Yoshi knows just about everyone in the Nintendo spectrum.

--Yoshi is exiled from Yoshi Island.

--Yoshi has a degree in Political Science.

--The friends are all the same age but Yoshi is older by two months.

--Yoshi taught Sindel how to debate politically and politely
--Yoshi can tap-dance.
--His favorite singer is Jim Croce.


Age: 26 (in continity)

Height: 2'4

Weight: Around 75 pounds

Skin Color: Pink

Eye Color: Blue

Type: Puffball or Creampuff
Birthday: April 7


Meta Knight--Master

Pikachu--Best Friend

Yoshi--Best Friend

Sindel--Adopted Niece

--Kirby is the youngest out of three friends, younger than Pikachu by three weeks

--Kirby is shockingly a womanizer

--His master is Meta Knight to which Kirby often irritates with his laid back attitude and women hunting.

--Meta Knight attempts to teach Kirby Spanish but Kirby won't apply himself to understand.

--His favorite quote is 'Por supuesto!'

--Kirby drinks with Pikachu but not nearly as often.

--Kirby has been known to cause trouble for the three friends and is usually the sole reason for that trouble.

--Kirby acts a little bit childish sometimes but he will often be mature when the situation calls for it.

--Meta Knight usually beats the hell out of Kirby when Kirby does something wrong.

--Kirby taught Sindel the proper way to date socially (which Sindel never uses)

--Kirby can dance but not really sing that well.

--Kirby's favorite genre of music is anything he can dance to at a club.

--Due to Meta Knight's insistence, Kirby has a degree in Liberal Arts and Philosophy.


--Kirby and Yoshi used to live together in college days while Pikachu still lived and cared for Sindel.

--Kirby is rarely seen as he is always travelling with Meta Knight as a upcoming Star Warrior

--Yoshi lives in a house not far away from Pikachu.

These random facts will certainly add a little to all of my own characters:

--When Sindel and Pikachu talk to each other, a light violin riff plays in the background (if it were a show, mind you).
--When Pikachu speak to either Yoshi or Kirby alone, a piano tune plays in the background.
--Sindel owns just 7 Pokemon as Blue only taught her how to catch enough to be considered a trainer. They are:

Pidgeot (the highest and the considered 'leader' of the ground--Blue gave her the Pidgeot)
Eevee (no evolution)
Butterfree (raised from a Caterpie)
Arbok (which she never uses as Arbok scares her and disobeys her--raised from a high level Ekans)

--Kirby once beat the crap out of Blue when he found out that Blue had tried to take Sindel to bed with him. Pikachu did not stop him.
--Yoshi himself also dislikes Blue for Blue seemed to be so possessive and controlling of Sindel when they were together.
--When Sindel was a teenager, the trio entertained her by themselves using magic tricks/copying/reading/etc.
--All for now!

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