Ok, fine. I'll admit it. I'm lazy.

But that doesn't mean I've been avoiding you guys! It's just...just that...I've been busy lately! I mean, come on! I bet if you broke up with someone, did 3 AP tests (English, Calculus, and Government), and worried about graduation within the span of 1 week, you'd be pretty exhausted, too!

So, I suppose I'll post Cena now, as he is my character.

Key: AOS1 - As of Season 1
Full Name: Alexander Cena II
Born: August 27th, 1984, New City (Age AOS1 - 22-23)
Died: (AOS1) n/a
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Medium Length, Jet Black, usually down (Cena hates ponytails on guys)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Build: Medium
Special Abilities: Wrestling Style, Mercury Adept (control over water and ice), wizard
Occupation: King of NintendoLand, former American Professional Wrestler (WWE SmackDown!)
Likes: Playing the Universal Fighting System Collectable Card Game, Brawl, Hanging out with Friends, making Sandwhiches (he's an expert)
Dislikes: Evil in general, fanboys
Relationships (AOS1):
  • Alexander Cena Sr. - Father (Decendet of Adepts, Presumed Dead)
  • Erika Cena - Mother (Muggle-Born Witch, Presumed dead)
  • Mariah "Mia" Hansen - Mercury Adept, Girlfriend
  • Katarina Sindel - Best Friend
  • Morgan Webb - Friend/Confidant
  • Pikachu - Friend
  • Princess Zelda of Hyrule - Former Girlfriend/Friend

Random Tidbits

  • Cena is a steadfast believer in abstinance, though that belief has been tested a few times in his life (including after his Junior Prom and during College).
  • Cena is a 1-time WWE Champion and a 2-time WWE United States Champion. He defeated John "Bradshaw" Layfield for his WWE championship, then lost the title to JBL 4 months later. He left the WWE as a result of the real-life drama between WWE Superstars Edge and Matt Hardy.
  • Cena's sandwhich recipes have been the subject of much speculation for the most celebrated chefs in the world. Thus far, Cena has refused partnerships with Subway, Quizno's, Dagwood, and the Presidential Chef Staff.
  • During High School, Cena wrote a paper entitled "The Importance of All Beings" in response to the recent militant actions of the Twili against the kingdom of Hyrule - this paper earned him the right to meet Princess Zelda later on.
  • Cena admits he has a weakness for the tears of females. He regrets admiting this to females.
  • Cena helped Morgan Webb come out of the closet.
  • Cena currently holds an Associate's Degree in Game Design and Game Universal History from Arizona State University.
  • He mains Snake or Wolf in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • His primary weapons include two ice swords he can generate from nowhere, and his 11.5' Cherry/Phoenix Feather wand.

Ok, that's all for now, kids! Next up will be Mia.

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