I think it's only proper to publicize the many places of NintendoLand! I'll eventually draw a map but here are places of interest that appear in the RPG.

The Castle:

Yes, the King and Queen of NintendoLand reside here with highly updated security (only accessible by codes which are only known to the royal couple). The castle stretches to an amazing 385,000 sq. feet (this is smaller only to Winsor Castle of Great Britain) and is much more compacted than Winsor Castle. The many rooms are usually holding only the Royalty's guests and is mostly secluded from the rest of the city. The bedrooms are fashioned with luxury and style, however, gives a comfortable feeling to the guest. The castle also holds a hospital wing to which the King and Queen have their own doctor (the Emergancy Medical Hologram (EMH) or simply Doc) to adminster any medicine or treatments.

There is also a large garden in the back of the castle which holds three fountains and four pathways, ajoined with garden homes and star-gazer lookouts. Also included are two pro-sized Tennis courts where Sindel relives her glory days as a tennis player in High School.

*Note: This castle is not open to the public*

**NintendoLand City**

Triforce Square Buisness Park:

Perhaps the largest business sector, it consists of landmark skyscrapers (such as the infamous Sindel Corporation owned by Jason Sindel), law offices (such owned by Phoenix Wright, Howard Payne, etc) and industry headquarters (Capcom, Sega, etc). The steel buildings and glass give the appearance of a sophiscated yet intelligent sector where money not only talks but also resides.

The Council of NintendoLand:

Located almost directly in the middle of the city, the Council is the true law-making body. It consists of 75 levels of senators across the globe and galaxy, with a staggering rooms of nearly a thousand offices. Because of it's size, the outward appearance may be large but it does not fully show the true size (as the Council has underground Senate Floor rather than above ground).

It's also interesting to note that they have a small park (perhaps 6 acres) to relax the senators. Another interesting note is that it is illegal to build any building near 2 miles to the Council and it is illegal to overshadow it.

NintendoLand Pokemon Stadium:

Perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions, the Pokemon Stadium of NintendoLand hosts several tournaments of the world-class Pokemon Masters (such as Red and Blue). The stadium has five levels of seating and a private level for VIPs. The battle field is a flat area with battle mechanics that allow the stage to change on random (to water, to rock, to electric, etc) and a comfortable skylight. This is where the Kanto Champion Pikachu will occasionally appear and fight.

G4 Studios:

Ever wanted to meet X-Play personalities Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb? This is the current setting for X-Play (as well as Attack of the Show, Cheat!, etc) is located in. It is located around the East Side of NintendoLand and is open Monday thru Friday, 800hrs-2100hrs.

Golden Coin Artist District:

One district that sets itself apart from the rest of the city is Golden Coin Artist District, located on the West Side of Triforce Square Buisness Park. The walls are painted with goregous murals and the famous NintendoLand theatre resides here. Many actors walk the streets and live here as well as the Hyrule Exhibits (three in all!) where you can see the actual pieces donated by Princess Zelda of the Triforce.


There are many schools, one to note most worthy is NintendoLand High School (formerly New City High School (NHS) as this is where King Cena had gone along friends Mia Hansen and Isaac Sanders.
The other note-worthy but higher class would be Jackson High School where Queen Sindel went t school with also many other famous characters.

Poor Housing District:

The blight of many unforunate NintendoLand citizens are not ignored by the goverment. This is where the low-cost housing is for any who can not live or go elsewhere. It has been rebuilt by an odd pyromanic fire but it is still in good condition. King Cena lived here during his youth.

The Theatre:

It is known by no other name. It had been owned by both Kanto Champion Pikachu and Queen Sindel but it is now abandoned--*UP FOR SALE*

(This brochure will be up for publishing and editing...)
NOTE: Edited by Cena for accuracy and correctness.

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